Saturday, January 29, 2011

March 29 - "Write!  You may be misunderstood, you may be ridiculed, this should not matter.  Only my sweetness will sustain you.  Do not become disconcerted at anything.  It is from My hand and is meant to help you build up in virtue.  Pray to Me that you may come more often to Me and Jesus.  I offer you this time to be as close as you wish to the Queen of your soul.  I am inviting your soul to move away from the world and rise to Heaven, but only if you respond.  Your soul must be tested before it can taste the dart of My Son.  It is not to every soul this beauty is made known  Make yourself My willing slave, then you may enter this place of places.  Thank you, My little one!  Learn more of this abandonment.  Oh My little one, do not try and smother this little voice, this is satan deceiving you.  Pray!  Love My voice and it will grow like a seed in your heart until it affects all you do and say and wish.  Let it grow.  Write, write!  Pray!"
(from) ALL THROUGH MARY: Devotion to Our Lady's Message of Mercy to The World

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  1. The Lord has called me into the way of simplicity and humility, and he has indeed made this way known through me and through all who choose to believe me and follow me. So I prefer you not talk about any other Rule, whether St. Benedict's, or St. Augustine's, or St. Bernard's, nor recommend any other ideal or manner of life than that which the Lord in his mercy has revealed and given to me. He told me I am to be a new kind of fool in this world.

    Saint Francis of Assisi
    Mirror of Perfection- 68