Friday, January 14, 2011

The Child Jesus, Mary and the Mass

  During a Mass celebrated by Father Andrasz, a moment before the Elevation, God's presence pervaded my soul, which was drawn to the altar.  Then I saw the Mother of God with the Infant Jesus.  The Infant Jesus was holding onto the hand of Our Lady.  A moment later, the Infant Jesus ran with joy to the center of the altar, and the Mother of God said to me, "See with what assurance I entrust Jesus into his hands.  In the same way, your are to entrust your soul and be like a child to him."

  After these words, my soul was filled with unusual trust.  The Mother of God was clothed in a white dress, strangely white, transparent; on Her shoulders She had a transparent blue; that is, a blue-like mantle; with uncovered head [and] flowing hair, She was exquisite, and inconceivably beautiful.  She was looking at Father with great tenderness, but after a moment, He broke up this beautiful Child, and living blood flowed forth.  Father bent forward and received the true and living Jesus into himself.  Had he eaten Him?  I do not know how this took place.  Jesus, Jesus, I cannot keep up with You, for in an instant You become incomprehensible to me.

                      Diary  (#677) by St. Maria Faustina

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