Saturday, January 8, 2011

July 26-"My Child, I don't want you worrying about your little weaknesses.  Leave them in My Heart and trust Me to take care of all.  The way I would want you is to be abandoned and not trying to do that which you know nothing about, namely Heaven!  Only with Me and with prayer will you come to your home so don't worry.  I ask that you accept My love and don't block it by your ongoing retention of trying to be perfect.  Let me take care of this.  Are you not under My Mantle and don't I see to it that your soul though weak is never left in despair?  My child, this is why you should not be afraid.  Simply do as I tell you.  Remain you will, poor, before Me always.  It is not to hinder you that I ask that you stay poor before me.  I ask this so as therefore My Son may be glorified.  Pray!  Pray!  Pray!"

(from) ALL THROUGH MARY Devotion to Our Lady's Message of Mercy to The World

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