Friday, January 7, 2011

Apr. 14- "Hello My little one.  Take My grace, I offer it to you every day.  Ask!  and I'll illuminate your poor soul with My wisdom, foolish in men's eyes but clearer than the noon-day sun.  It sheds light into the dark corners of your soul  Pray, and every kind of woe will be lifted from you.  My child, nowhere will lilies grow if you do not cultivate your longing to be near Me.  God's mercy is given when you look to me.  I allow (---) to perceive of My Heavenly dew with you.  This should be a joy to you.  Pray!  I cannot emphasise the need more.  You are so much taken these days by the least breath from Me.  Try and hold on.  Decide to want to look at Me, I lead you forward to Heaven.  My little one, I remind you, you're so little, I need to remind you of My warmth and loving smiles over your day.  Let My Mantle, which I have asked you to hold on to, protect you from drifting out of yourself and forgetting Me.  Please hold on!"

(from) ALL THROUGH MARY  Devotion to Our Lady's Message of Mercy to The World


  1. This is how I would like to be with Our Lady, please God.

    Beautiful words, thank you for posting.

  2. Dear Kam,
    Praise God!!
    I am from Punjab (India) faithful follower of Mother Mary
    I get this message very often can you tell me what does the sentence mean I allow (---) to perceive of My Heavenly dew with you. For whom is the Blank line meant for!!
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Best wishes,
    Navi Bandhan