Sunday, November 28, 2010


O Jesus, Son of God and Son of Mary, my Cre-
ator and my Brother, what return shall I make
for all You have done for me? You know very well
that I have nothing of my own but my weakness
and my sins. With Your grace, however, I can give
You what You expect from me: I want to be to
Mary what You were; I want to allow You to con-
tinue loving her through me.
And You, O Mary, Mother of God and my
Mother! You have chosen me as Your child of
predilection. With Your help I shall be another
Jesus toward You.
At present you want to instruct and direct me.
Speak, Mother, Your child is listening. Command
me to do whatever You wish, and give me the
grace to carry out Your commands.

(from) My Ideal Jesus, Son of Mary, by Fr. Emil Neubert, S.M.

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