Sunday, October 17, 2010

Without losing another minute, Mother Mariana went to the room of the recluse. Entering it, she found the defiant sister lying on the bed, moaning in pain from a colic. The holy Superior approached and embraced her, saying, "My dear sister, you need no longer stay here. Today I have obtained permission from the Bishop to release you from this seclusion. Since you are ill, I am going to prepare a bed for you immediately in the infirmary so that you be better attended."
"Then I allow you to do so," replied the religious coldly.
Leaving the key with the sick sister, Mother Mariana went quickly to the infirmary and called for Mother Francisca of the Angels. She told her, "My daughter, our poor sister in seclusion is sick with colic. Let us prepare a bed and all that is necessary to restore her to health. I have just received permission from the bishop to release her from seclusion. Let us remember that since it is she who is forming our souls for Heaven, we should love her dearly. For if the beautiful statues had the use of reason, they would cherish the instruments that carved and polished them. We, then, who have the use of reason, should do what the statues cannot do."

(from) The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana - Volume 1 Chapter 23
by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira (Translated by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.)

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