Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning Prayer


To Peter, son of blessed Father,
let praises sound forevermore,
who lived in poverty severe,
and every hardship bravely bore.

Unto the world a wondrous pattern
aglow with love of Christ he showed,
and by his life of rigid penance
drew sinners back to virtue's road.

Enduring thirst and pangs of hunger,
in rough and shabby clothes arrayed,
he through his daily cruel scouring's
for sin complete atonement made.

His lean, emaciated body
in iron bonds was firmly held,
until from each tormented member
a constant bloody streamlet welled.

On bended knee in adoration
upon the cross he fixed his sight;
then, lo, the cross began to glisten
and filled his soul with heavenly light.

Accept, you glory of our Order,
the joyful praises we bestow;
O blessed Father, look with mercy
upon your children here below.

To Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
be endless glory, honor, praise.
Conduct us to the joys of heaven
along blest Peter's humble ways.

October 22 Peter of Alcantara, Priest
(from) Proper Offices of Franciscan Saints and Blesseds
in the Liturgy of the Hours

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